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Fearless brands strategize endlessly. They eat, drink, and sleep their brand. Curating every "touch" from office & website design, uniforms, social posts, event themes, to team brand merchandise and corporate gifts. Every company has specific brand guidelines curating their brand story. To ensure at every step the branding is telling their unique and timeless story. You know these iconic brands with their swooshes, holiday polar bears, taco hotel pop-ups, and golden arches. They would never slap a version of their logo on just any product without OBSESSING about it first.  


Let's be honest, the last thing you want to do is give out a promo gift at an event (with your logo) to a potential consumer, client or employee and have them leave it or toss it because they didn't feel it had enough value to make it home with them.


This is where I bring the secret sauce (or Salsa Picante). My team brings value by becoming apart of your team. We become passionate (and sometimes obsessive in a good way) about your brand, narrating your brand story through branded product solutions. ​By taking an agency approach to designing a collection of merchandise, we work to elevate your brand premiums across platforms, offices, and departments GLOBALLY.  Making your product work harder for your marketing dollars.  


With my team, you get a dedicated global partner, a team, and project manager overseeing your stressful orders from beginning to delivery and ensuring each product is curated to your brand guidebook. Designing you the most clever on-trend merchandise, organizing your swag into a program that fits your needs and picking up the slack to help your team out,  considering your social impact, negotiating you the best value, suggesting cost savings across departments, finding you solutions that tailor-fit your needs like warehousing, distribution or an e-store, a live person to collab with, a reliable partner that has your brands best interest at heart and available with a Plan B when needed so NO PROMO GIFTS GET LEFT BEHIND ANYMORE.


Spark Joy with your company swag


One stop shop . let us wrangle your entire project from picking out your gifts, designing them in a clever way with your logo, wrapping them up in packaging and fulfilling them, and distributing them for you!   

Image by Daryan Shamkhali


Receive amazing freebie gifts from me in the mail because you are AWESOME and I want you to touch, feel, and play with physical swag ideas not just see a photo!! 

Club members also get entered into my "Influencer B-day" program (hint: gift involved)

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About the team

We're one big creative global family, what can I say! I've been a member of the JNI family for 15 + years now. Not only did I start my career here but I literally grew up here, my best friends are here, I  got engaged, married, and had my child while running my own business under the JNI umbrella. You also have to love what you do and we're slightly obsessed with brand marketing and all things swag related,  so we're a pretty awesome fit! 

This video pretty much sums up what makes us special...




When you really need 1 awesome personalized corporate gift, quickly!

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